Return Policy

Both the Customer and the Merchant have the right to cancel orders, which must happen before the goods are sent for collection. In case of cancellation of orders, no penalties are due from either party, if the following conditions are met:

- The customer has the right to cancel, refuse to receive, return or replace the requested goods from the order, and for this purpose he must have previously contacted the Merchant by phone, e-mail or other contact forms specified on the company's website.

-The trader can use his right to cancel an order in case of: impossibility of delivering the goods; non-payment by the customer; provided incorrect and/or incomplete data about the order and its recipient; incorrect behaviour on the part of the client in previous orders.

When a payment has been made by the customer, the trader undertakes to refund the price paid for the order in case of cancellation by him. The amount is refunded by bank transfer.

The return of the goods is permissible in case of a proven defect, which is established on site at the company's office. For this purpose, it is necessary for the Customer to contact an employee of "Videomax-AVS" OOD at the email address or on the phone 0882 417317 or 02 8271120. After that, the Buyer sends within 7 days, secured and packed in its factory package the goods, with all its accessories and a copy of the invoice/goods receipt with which he acquired it, to the office of "Videomax-AVS" OOD in the city of Sofia, g.k. "Lyulin" 10, bl. 133 entrance B. The costs of transporting the goods when returning from the customer to the trader are entirely at the customer's expense. The goods can also be brought to the office

When the goods are in a damaged commercial condition, they will not be accepted or replaced, due to reasons related to hygiene and health protection, unless the Merchant decides to offer a redemption price at its discretion.
After finding a defect, the Customer receives another product, which in terms of type, price and characteristics is the same as the returned product.

After finding a defect, the Customer receives another product, which in terms of type, price and characteristics is the same as the returned product.

If it is found that the returned product does not work for any of the following reasons, it will be returned to the Customer at his expense by Econt Express courier. Reasons that are not grounds for returning the goods:

  • Damage caused as a result of incorrect installation, non-compliance with technical requirements or incorrect connection to the electrical network.
  • Damage caused by failure to comply with the rules of transportation, storage and/or operation (including electric shock, lightning or other natural disasters, vibration, overvoltage or power supply malfunctions and others that would not occur during normal operation of the device) .
  • When the damage has occurred as a result of modification or reconfiguration in order to use the product for purposes other than those for which it was manufactured or intended.
  • When the damage is from incorrectly installed software or an accessory that is not included in the original equipment of the device is used