The warranty period begins to run from the date of receipt of the goods. The invoice and warranty card must be retained by the buyer until the expiration of the warranty period and submitted for warranty repair.
The Company undertakes to remove free of charge damage occurring during the warranty period. Defects of a component are not warranted for warranty replacement. Replacement is made after the failure to repair the defect (exclusively at the discretion of "VideoMax ABC" Ltd.). The transportation costs to our service and vice versa are at the expense of the customer. Claims are made in the original box, description of the defect and operating conditions.
The warranty is not to be respected in the following cases: Damage caused by improper installation, failure to comply with technical requirements, or improper connection to the power supply. Damage caused by non-compliance with transportation, storage, and / or operation rules (including electric shock, thunder or other natural disasters, vibrations, overvoltages or power failures, etc. that would not occur during normal operation of the device). Where the damage has occurred as a result of a modification or adjustment in order to use the product for purposes other than those for which it was manufactured or intended. When the malfunction is due to incorrectly installed software or an accessory that is not the original equipment kit is used. The warranty is void in case of defective appearance and warranty patches, missing or partial damage to the serial number label, warranty card repairs or alterations, traces of mechanical or electrical shocks and / or attempts to be repaired by an unauthorized person. The company is not responsible for damages caused by third parties such as: Telecom operators, CEZ, EON, etc. Troubleshooting in these cases is paid by the customer. The warranty covers only defects of the device to which it relates and excludes any damage and damage that may result from its operation or damage.
The warranty period is 12 months. After the expiration of the warranty period, the company offers service and / or post-warranty subscription support based on a bilateral contract. After signing the warranty card, a claim for incomplete goods is not respected. A repaired device notified to the customer and not sought within three months of the date of notification is considered to be the property of Videomax ABC.
Upon acceptance of the warranty card, the customer declares that he has received the good corresponding to the description and accepts the terms of the warranty service. The goods are delivered to the buyer according to the manufacturer's technical conditions, on the above-mentioned date, in complete fit and condition. The warranty card is also a pass-through protocol.
The operation of radio frequency spectrum devices is subject to regulation by the state authorities. The seller is not responsible for violations of the regulations in force in Bulgaria concerning the use of radio frequency spectrum.